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Aug 07, 2000

Alexander Mihail


Aug 22, 2000

Alexander Mihail


Sep. 8, 00

Alexander Mihail




Sep, 22, 00

Alexander Mihail




Oct. 4, 00

Alexander Mihail


Oct. 9, 00

Alexander Mihail


Mar 6,02

Alexander Mihail

ANNA K5 is now generating diagrams in bitmaps. Added a few images of the Morphism category and of the first compound structures with cabling. Added another diagram of a recursive component.

Fri, 9 Aug 2002

Alexander Mihail

Added a discussion of types as pins in the context of Energy applications

Mon ,12 Aug 02

Alexander Mihail

Added the Morphology/ Types, Relations, Recursion section.

Added the Event discussion. Added the discussion of Enterprise XRef

Added index of claims.

Fri, 7 Mar 2003

Alexander Mihail

Added a discussion on the necessity of proxies to types

Added a would be picture from the supposed cable drawing algorithm

Wed, 26 Mar 03

Alexander Mihail

Added a discussion on the clipping engine of K5. Added a discussion on selectors R2L and L2R.

Wed, 2 Apr 03

Alexander Mihail

Severe discussions on achieving proxies to types through either selectors to both nodes and lines or through a rethink of the line label to serve as a view from the client into the supplier. Collected bits and pieces of diagrams for the new line drawing algorithm. Curved segments and methods of configuring the bend points.

Fri, 11 Apr 03

Alexander Mihail

Calculations of a bisector of two adjacent segments at a bend-point. Discussing the sub-core crossover methodology and the order lists.

Mon, 14 Apr 03

Alexander Mihail

Added the first images of busses drawn by K5.

Mon, 21 Apr 03

Alexander Mihail

An important milestone was achieved: The cable drawing algorithm.

Wed, 23 Apr 03

Split all top headings into subfiles.

Mon, 09 Jun 03


Cut and Clone. Depth Limited serializing, Visible Interface Serializing.

Sun, 06 Jul 03

Alexander Mihail

Multilateral relations

Mon, 21 Jul 03

Alexander Mihail

New Selectors created by Interlock.

Sun, 3 Aug 03

Alexander Mihail

Added a diagram of structures before morphism is triggered by inserting a relation.

Thu, 2 Oct 03

Alexander Mihail

Added a section on applications of the Morphism Core

Tue, 6 Apr 04

Added the Morphic Memory Manager. Amorphous instances.

Tue, 4 Sep 07

Alexander Mihail

Consolidated. Simplified the sub-document structure.



Wed, 13 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Reworked the documents in HTML

Fri, 15 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Added the TRAITS page

Added the Amino Acids table

Wed, 20 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Corrected some pictures. Added hit counters. Added the LINE SerializeSegment algotithm.

Fri, 22 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Added the Applications structure with:

Gaius Correlator EN
Gaius Correlator
Directory Browser

Added timestamps everywhere.

 Wed, 27 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Added the documentation for Gaius Navigator.

Linked in the Tiger 2 server emulator to this site.

Added a strap page to the author's personal web site.

Reorganized the site's directory structure to resemble that of our source tree.

Fri, 29 May 09

Alexander Mihail

Added the Methods, Objectives and the Glossary pages.

Added ANNA's API, as per revision 273.

Wed, 10 June, 09

Alexander Mihail

Added a section on Osmosis to the former Allocation page. Added the Journal.
Fri, 26 Mar 2010
Alexander Mihail
Added a document describing ANNA as an eco-system.
Wed, 18 May 2010Alexander Mihail Added the description of ANNA's interlocking system in the Real Time document.
Fri, 04 June, 2010
Alexander Mihail
Added the section on DNA Declarations. ANNA is at revision 308. Updated the top-level diagram.
Sat, 19 June 2010
Alexander Mihail
Added the article on Physiology RO as of revision 310.


Modified on 07/18/2010 06:08:16 AM

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