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Construction and Destruction





Reallocation and relocation

Natural Selection


Cloning is the process of structural duplication whereby a new subsystem Si  is created from the original subsystem S0. Cloning must be done in such a way so that all the newly created cross-references of Si are internal to Si and are not referencing the original S0.


Absorption (mimetism)


Roles within the system, refining, decay into obsolete.

Goal and History of a morphic system

The morphing system embeds both its history as well as its goal. Future and past are interchangeable notions in the morphing concept as all processes are step-by-step reversible. The perception that objects have about time transitions is only progressive as they cannot recognise any time-stamp to suggest them a backward flow of time. All time-stamps would have been brought back to an earlier state by a rewound process.


In the morphic system there is an Arbitration Court where two conflicting parties meet to resolve their differendum. Its first use if to resolve the interlock scenarios. The Court resorts to built in logic to resolve simple problems, but may interact with the user for more complex scenarios. While a trail is in progress, more parties may join in if they have relevance to the case. The Court will seek to resolve that both parties are content with the solution. When this is impossible it decides what parties should win the conflict based on precedence of interests. The table of values is a configurable database to which the user contributes.

The Court is a multi-lateral relation.

The Court is a real-time component, generally operating multi-session.

The Court System is a hierarchy of arbiters as follows:

  1. A private Court may be chosen/created by a group of type masters.
  2. A Court exists for each process that wants to protect itself against conflicts.
  3. A Supreme Court exists on each machine
  4. The Supreme Courts co-operate on a network in the shared spirit of justice. As the Supreme Courts of each machine may be of different types and thus have certain different principles, conflicts may be taken all the way to a Network wide Arbiter, if one exists.

Once again, at this point these courts are intended to gracefully resolve the interlocking problems of ANNA K5.


Program Features (objectives set as of 05 May 2000)

This version of ANNA's Universal Modeling Language promises the following features:

  1. Fractal containment and inheritance
  2. Vector inheritance
  3. Type and algorithm strengthening and weakening.
  4. Synthetic classes
  5. Morphism supersedes templates with: Cloning, Mimetism, Propagation, Physical attraction, Partnership, Mirroring, Decay, Expansion
  6. Size independence
  7. Universal Memory Map with: Real addressing in the continuos domain. Address subdivision. Points of accumulation. Number servers. Remote Execution. Exec Vortexes and Servers. Sharing of class instances!
  8. Relative logic
  9. No pointers
  10. Resolution of persistence through generalized caches
  11. All data and code belong to the heap
  12. Automatic low-level Version Control


The following mechanisms will be supplied from the core:

1.      Automatic generation of: Configuration dialogues. Context sensitive, cross-referenced Help. Documentation. Source code. Trace logs. Profile counts. Reliability coefficient.

2.      Compilers

3.      Syntax Oriented Editors

4.      Hierarchical File System with Version Control caps.

5.      Hierarchical Security System

6.      Hierarchical Memory Manager with frontier negotiation (resolved at ../History of ANNA Kernel 5.htm#313_Sunday,_July_04,_2010)

7.      Generalized hierarchical caches

8.      Object Oriented Database Engine

9.      Symbolic debugging

10.  Publicity / privacy of code

11.  3D UI interface over the Morphing Rendering Engine

12.  Generated Processors

13.  OO modeling tool

14.  Code analyzer and symbolic reduction through pattern matching

15.  Translators

16.  3D hierarchy browser and profiler

17.  Load / Store for all necessary formats

18.  A new Device-driver model where drivers and core negotiate to morph.

19.  Binding the OS to a specific hardware platform is an installation issue

20.  Recursive boot process

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