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Objectives (Friday, May 29, 2009)

Our main objective is to complete the core of ANNA K5 and move into services and application development.
We need to reach a number of milestones as follows:
  Description Details Status
1 This site needs a glossary of terms to first flatten our vocabulary, then restructure it.   started
2 Direct persistence    
3 Trace messages for all virtual methods as a way into RPC. See REI.   done
4 A restructuring of the core with the final categories. We need a better grouping of STREAMS and IO, as well as a resolution to the issue of BASE and ABSTRACT segregation which currently poses problems.    
5 We need an ANNA-independent data export/import format so that we may create valuable structures without risking to obsolete them through file-system changes.    
6 We must reduce the OTP core of Rochelle into the ABSTRACT core of ANNA.    
7 We must reduce the Document Generation and Recognition System DGRS into the Core.    
8 Need to develop the Tiger III traits-based Morphology Server as the successor of Tiger II.    
9 Must change the memory allocation scheme so that the morphic stem cell is the memory allocator, and the ABSTRACT and DISK nuclei are sub-allocators. The current scheme where the ABSTRACT nucleus is the allocator leaves portions of the morphic core unmapped.   all mapped
10 Absolutely must finish-off our C++ compiler to load statements from message bodies. Must have the C++ generator that creates source-code modules. Must be able to compile and generate in other languages, most especially C#.    
11 Need the TRAIT ActiveX interface in our BASE uKernel. This would give ANNA unlimited integration capabilities.    
12 The GUI of Gaius Correlator and Gaius Navigator must merge into one. The resulting Gaius frame must become ANNA's main application GUI interface. There must be a direct correspondence between Gaius and Tiger on the web.    
13 Must rebuild the Linux version of the core as a remote server. Its services must be: FTP, HTTP, Tiger, OTP, media streaming, and REI.    
14 ANNA K5 needs to include the clipping engine and the Presentation Manager of ANNA K4 and give-up using VCL. A GUI Linux version would consequently become possible.    
15 The end-goal is to host an ANNA K5 development server onto a virtual machine with a Linux micro-core.    
16 Gaius Correlator implements a compiler and a generator at the GUI level. The language logic must be promoted to the abstract core. The Core's Serializor must perform the compilation/generation over generic streams, including the RTF EditStream which has not been used in years. The correlation logic of Gaius must also be promoted to Core.    
17 The Romanian Legal Dictionary must become available in a Tiger3-style WEB server.    
18 Must reach the Tiger3-based grid-testing system for the legal world.    
19 The ANNA forum. This is an application of ANNA's ERP capabilities. All OTP users must be allowed to hook to ANNA's core repository and make notes and issue messages.    
20 Need to rethink the matter of internet domains and get ANNA to become a domain hosting server.    
21 Must load this entire site onto a morphic disk and get Gaius to analyze it. The resulting site must be canonical.    
22 DICTIONARY and TYPE must merge. The result must be that any TYPE, RELATION, OPERATOR and CATEGORY may be a dictionary. (would change the system's DNA)   thinking
23 SHAPE structure for NODE and for LINE endpoints.    
24 REI calling system.   in progress
25 Should launch 2 threads of UML model loading.    

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